Stimulate the Internet + advantage to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of ceramic tiles

Date:2016-1-5 14:55:48 View:2810

In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet industry, especially the double eleven, twelve double positive, to seize the business opportunities in the ceramic tile enterprises have tasted the sweetness, the breadth of the electronic commerce convenience, resource integration let everyone see its advantages. Therefore, ceramic tile enterprises must more to the Internet "+" closer to victory.
Internet development brings new exports
Moment, the mobile terminal has become Chinese Internet the first big entrance, along with the popularity of the terminal, dropped charges, infrastructure and service improvement, China is bound to usher in the growth of the next round of mobile Internet users. And through the mobile Internet in the ceramic tile industry fusion, penetration, to the birth of industrial transformation, become a new opportunity for the ceramic tile industry upgrading.
The so-called "Internet +", is refers to the Internet platform, using the technology of mobile communication, big data, cloud computing and other, the combination of Internet and traditional industry, forming a new kind of industrial ecology. According to this kind of understanding, "Internet + is not simply the Internet and industrial additive, but for traditional industry deep integration with the Internet, from the production technology and management to the marketing practices to use Internet technologies and ideas, which can be referred to as" Internet +.
For the traditional ceramic tile enterprises, "Internet + is of the greatest significance lies in" connection ", the mobile Internet technology to establish the connection, will between enterprises and users, and partners barriers in the space and time barriers completely broken, forming a geographical boundary, the time span of the communication system, in order to make the enterprise to circumvent the traditional business model because of the space isolation and time difference of loss, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, reduce its operating costs.
Solve the enterprise management thinking short board
As early as two years ago, it has been many ceramic tile enterprise took a fancy to the vigorous development of the Internet trends, and made a variety of attempts, intention through Internet business to "Recast brilliant". However, effect is not the best, even many enterprises have invested huge human and material force but miscues, this playing the drums retreat, from "every person will talk about net" into "the crevasse does not say".
Set aside pre two Internet B2B, B2C period technical constraints and electricity market immature objective conditions, ceramic tile enterprises in e-commerce thinking failed to timely change to adapt to the characteristics of the Internet era, but also the failure of enterprises the main reason.
Two years ago, many ceramic enterprises in the conduct of business, only the Internet as a platform for sales, in the operation follows the ideas of traditional sales terminals. In the eyes of many people, electricity but is a platform, a tool, and what the company should do is just to sell things to change. Therefore, the ceramic tile enterprise business platform is bound with the line of the original entity sales terminal produces a conflict of interest, causing the distributors of the rebound, eventually ended in gloom.
Now, the application of mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technology, making now network platform has become the traditional sales terminal virtual showroom, unifying the storage and the Bank of Taiwan, to solve the problem of the traditional business and sales entity terminal dispute benefit, but also improve the enterprise storage, material flow, flow of capital efficiency. With the rise of mobile Internet, people get rid of the fixed computer terminal, the network shopping become anywhere, online shopping population is from the past the courage to early adopters of the new population expansion is suitable for people of all ages of the national. As a result, consumers in purchasing network attitude from the past see styles, prices become now look at the brand, price, service, even depends on the speed of logistics.
Therefore, ceramic tile enterprises in the development of electronic commerce and need to will these factors completely into account, and the use of Internet tools and techniques to solve these problems. So, in order to use the potential of the Internet to the extreme, only to be truly realized".