Ceramic products or zero tariff exports to South Korea

Date:2016-1-5 14:12:11 View:3014
December 20th China ROK FTA formally entered into force, and the first tax reduction. Recently, the China International Trade Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Council") in Foshan held between China and South Korea since the trade agreements and preferential certificate of origin to preach. The reporter learned from the presentation, or ceramic products will achieve zero tariff, brought good news for Foshan ceramic industry deep into the Korean market.
Preaching scene, the Guangdong Provincial Council will be responsible for certificate of origin and preferential certificate of origin business Rachel especially with ceramic products as an example of a justification for tax breaks. Ceramic products in the Sino South Korean trade agreement belongs to code for zero tariff reduction mode, on the date of the entry into force of the agreement is the implementation of zero tariff.
Since 2006, South Korea to Chinese export ceramic products antidumping, many Foshan ceramic enterprises choose to exit the market in South korea.
"South Korea's anti-dumping policy, we will gradually withdraw from the Korean market. Now the foreign trade mainly in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa "Foshan Textile Import and export limited company chairman Guo Shan Yan said. Foshan Textile Import and Export Co., Ltd. from 1950 began to engage in textile raw materials import and export trade, in recent years, import and export trade main business to building materials products.
Guo Shan Yan told reporters that the reason of the China South Korea trade agreement related tax cuts content interested, is because "South Korea either geographically or on the demand for the product, are very suitable for Chinese enterprises to open up the market". But he also said that although the category of ceramic products after the entry into force of the agreement in the implementation of zero tariff, but ceramic subdivision of the products of many, may have different floating tax cuts, and further wait.
To explain the the after the entry into force of the China South Korea trade agreement, all trade between the two countries in tariff and non-tariff barriers will gradually decreased, until the abolition of commission of Guangdong Province, vice president of the Committee Luo Bingzhi, China Council for the promotion of international trade. "More than 90% of the product in the transition period will enter into the zero tariff era." He said, "Chinese export prices will be more competitive, while imports to South Korea China product prices will be reduced."
In Foshan entrepreneurs pay close attention to tax policy may bring to the business impact. Luo Bingzhi said to use policy, companies need to apply for a preferential certificate of origin, so that customs identify the product origin.