What should be done in the new media era?

Date:2016-1-5 14:20:52 View:2724
In recent years, with the continuous development of the ceramic industry, ceramic industry has basically formed in China brand pattern. With the continuous development of new media, ceramic advertising marketing also need to advance with the times, to catch now 80, 90 pain points, then tile enterprises should do, in order to achieve the marketing effect?
First, the reform of media forms

Communication does not rigidly adhere to the traditional form, it is the primary criterion for propagation behavior in the new media era. TV ads, newspaper ads, building body advertisement, advertising platform, magazine advertising, these familiar forms of advertising, attractive to consumers has been greatly weakened. Only the "watch" to create new styles, gather the vision. Such as the Marvel Comics company for its "ant" masterpiece, launched the create new styles of marketing activities. Is in "ant" will be on file before, suddenly in many Australian cities, there are mini version of the bulletin boards, such as in the ant hole erected on the bulletin board, it is from ant man meaning works. The suction eye is A+.

Two, cross-border marketing
When the spread of creative thinking, it is better to think about other people's troubles. If you have the means to help solve the problems of others, using others to spread the resources, may be a greater benefit of the brand. Is also a kind of good method of divergent thinking. For example, the following case, Lego do a Popular Science Lecture: how to deal with burglary theft. LEGO chose to cooperate with the police and took a series of LEGO style of popular science lectures, entertaining, both to convey the brand concept and social responsibility, and let the marketing behavior not to cause mass of boredom. Cross border marketing thinking, is the future of marketing people a subject.
Three, do not try to challenge the bottom line of the public
Although the new media to the marketing people too much imagination and feasible space, but do not touch the bottom line of the public. Remember the Baihe forced advertising?? Lily network intention to let everyone feel the parents of daughters marry desire, intention to "wake up" single men and women in the family. But they never thought, this deep emotional guidance, angered single men and women, they put this guide as a "moral ethics kidnapping". In fact, from another point of view, this is television advertising emotion into is successful, otherwise the ending is ignored not rallied together to attack. It is only a pity that it left.
Four, the brand needs the heart to deal with the customer situation
Under the influence of the new media, the brand needs more quality tall, the attitude of the warm". "Warm" refers to the brand of service content, to warm the hearts of the people ";" MOE "refers to the brand in the new media content," affinity ", by users of the language, tone to consumer dialogue;" good "refers to the brand of social responsibility sense and feedback, and spread positive energy enterprises, in the materialistic society, more people to follow. To sum up in two words "intentions". Enterprises have the sincerity, kindness and conscience, is a powerful marketing assistant.
Keeping pace with the times is the first important task in the reform of the new media era. Continuous learning and innovation is a required course for marketing people's life.